Users accessing or using the ECMWF computing services do so under the terms and conditions detailed on this page.

Conditions of access to the ECMWF computing services

In accessing or using ECMWF computing services users agree that they will

  • use their access solely in accordance with Article 2(2)(e) of the ECMWF Convention:

The objectives of the Centre shall be: …

e) to make available to the Member States for their research, priority being given to the field of numerical weather forecasting, a sufficient proportion of its computing capacity, such proportion being determined by the Council;

  • use their access in accordance with Annex A.3 of the Centre's Computer Security Policy, as laid down in ECMWF Computer Bulletin B0.2/3 which states

    "Annex 3 Passwords and smart cards [tokens]

    • Passwords and smart cards protect the Centre's computer systems against unauthorised access. Smart cards are personal access tokens and, like user identifiers, are issued to users for their sole use. The underlying authentication process is based on the physical possession of these cards; hence smart cards must be kept securely (similar to credit cards).
    • Login passwords and the PINs of smart cards must be kept confidential and must not be disclosed to other persons
    • All users shall:
      • employ non-trivial passwords and PINs;
      • safeguard smart cards issued to them against physical access by other persons;
      • change passwords or PINs whenever there is any indication that the passwords or PINs have been compromised;
      • report lost or stolen smart cards without delay. Member State users should report lost or stolen cards to ..... the Call Desk at ECMWF"
  • use their access only for the purpose for which access to the ECMWF computing services has been granted;
  • use the user identifier and/or security token for their own sole use and will not make it available to another person under any circumstances;
  • return any token they might have been given to the appropriate Member or Co-operating State Computing Representative when access to the token-protected computing services at ECMWF is no longer required.

In addition to above agreement users understand that their token will be enabled only when the token declaration has been signed and returned to the appropriate Member or Co-operating State Computing Representative or, for ECMWF personnel ONLY, to the relevant member of staff at ECMWF. Any token received remains the property of ECMWF and may be revoked at any time.

Archive data licence

In accessing or using ECMWF Archive Products users agree to abide by the terms and conditions laid out in the archive data licence.