Workshop: Hydrological services for business

ECMWF | Reading | 8-9 May 2018

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Workshop description

This is a unique opportunity for global businesses to meet the Global Flood Awareness System (GloFAS) development team and influence the future shape of its hydrological services and forecasting products.


  • Introduce GloFAS services and products to the global business community

  • Provide a networking opportunity between a global hydrological forecasting service provider and the business sector

  • Identify and prioritise global business needs in terms of hydrological products and services

  • Draft a future development strategy for GloFAS with these needs in mind

  • Establish a community of users of hydrological services from the business sector

  • Provide GloFAS training and best practice


Floods and droughts are some of the most challenging environmental hazards. In 2017, their combined cost worldwide is thought to have reached more than 50 billion dollars.

In a global economy and interconnected world, local hazards can have global impacts on business, including service disruption (supply, production and distribution), variable expenditure (commodity price, damage costs, premiums) and changes in market value (production and demand).

Access to reliable reanalyses and forecasts of hydrological extremes could enable businesses to put in place measures to mitigate anticipated impacts whilst capitalising on potential opportunities.

Thanks to recent computational, scientific and technological advances, this is now possible. With skilful predictions of global weather patterns up to several weeks in advance, and the use of global hydrological models, flood and drought events can be predicted, and it is possible to anticipate where and when the flow in rivers will be higher or lower than usual.

About GloFAS

The Global Flood Awareness System (GloFAS) is a hydrological service, currently providing global overviews of upcoming flood events (up to 30 days ahead) and of high and low flow (up to 4 months ahead) in rivers across the world. GloFAS has over 1,600 registered users. Its forecasts are freely available to all users.


Main workshop 8 May 14:00 to 9 May 13:00

  • Introduction to GloFAS

  • Real-life case studies from guest speakers

  • Structured activities to discover and prioritise future service provision

  • Ignite talks and market place for business promotion

Optional 9th May 2-4pm

  • GloFAS training session


The registration deadline has now passed.

Important dates

13 April: Deadline for application

20 April: Acceptance notifications

Co-organised by ECMWF, the Copernicus Emergency Management Service and the University of Reading

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