ECMWF | Reading | 4-6 December 2017

Workshop on using low frequency passive microwave measurements in research and operational applications


Workshop Description

Passive microwave radiometry covering frequencies from 1 to 10 GHz provides measurements of the Earth’s surface that are largely independent of varying atmospheric conditions. Since the late 70’s satellite measurements have been used to infer geophysical variables ranging from sea surface temperature, sea ice coverage to soil moisture. With the arrival of L-band sensors, new capabilities have been added and substantial progress has been made in retrieving additional parameters, combining the measurements to generate thematic data records, and assimilating the measurements in forecasting systems. The workshop will look at applications that can benefit from the synergistic exploitation of low frequency passive microwave measurements but also on the combined usage of active and passive observations. Four topical areas will be addressed: Sea ice and predictability in Polar Regions, sea surface salinity and ocean circulation, soil moisture and flood forecasting, weather forecasting and climate monitoring.


This workshop is by invitation only.