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Precipitation: Weekly mean anomalies

Base Time: Thu 08 Apr 2021 00 UTC T+264 Valid time: Mon 12 Apr 2021 00 UTC - Mon 19 Apr 2021 00 UTC

Weekly mean anomalies have been calculated relative to a 20-year model climatology.  The areas where the ensemble forecast is not significantly different from the climatology, according to a WMW-test, are blanked.

Note that shaded areas are at 10%, contours are at 1% significant level.

For further details of Extended range output and products, please visit ECMWF Forecast User Guide.

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Large-scale machine learning applications for weather and climate

The machine learning for scalable meteorology and climate (MAELSTROM) project began in April 2021. Peter Dueben, project coordinator, talks about its aims and the importance of co-design projects for concerted developments of applications, software, and hardware design.

12 April 2021

Wind turbines and solar panels

Data to inform policy-making: discussing climate challenges with Spain

The latest climate projections for the coming decades are now available in the Climate Data Store of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). A special event for decision-makers in Spain explored how such C3S climate data can help drive solutions for water and energy sectors.

6 April 2021

Earth system diagram

Fact sheet: Earth system modelling at ECMWF

ECMWF’s Earth system model aims to represent interactions between as many Earth system components as required, at the necessary level of complexity and as initialised by data assimilation, to achieve the Centre’s forecasting goals.

8 March 2021

Forecast charts and data

We provide current forecasts, climate reanalyses and specific datasets. These are available via the web, point-to-point dissemination, data servers and broadcasting.


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Do you use ECMWF products and services? Come and share your experiences at our annual user meeting #UEF2021, taking place virtually 1-4 June.


Forecasts, analyses, climate re-analyses, reforecasts and multi-model data are available from our archive (MARS) or via dedicated data servers or via point-to-point dissemination.

Accessing forecasts

Researchers, WMO members, commercial users and satellite data providers can gain access to ECMWF forecast products under one of our various license agreement types.

Workshops and education

Education is a key element of our work at ECMWF, enabling our partners to get the most from ECMWF's services and develop an advanced understanding of forecasting.

ECMWF lecture theatre

ECMWF workshops are open to the worldwide meteorological community, though some training is restricted to member states.

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Serving meteorology

International collaboration is fundamental to the work of ECMWF, working with the EU and the meteorological community at large, including the World Meteorological Organization, space agencies, and scientists around the world.